ALPHA 0.7f WHAT'S NEW (17-Feb-2016):

- Built from latest FL12 sources
- Fruity Logo in about window is now scaled properly, alpha animated, and closed correctly.
- The hintbar (bottom left corner) is now shown.
- Aboutdialog stays on top (previously it could sometimes be placed behind main window).
- Plugin picker (F8) now appear (but not yet fully functional, you can double-click on plugins but not drag them)
- fix for mouse cursor disappears problem.
- fixed clicking outside "Do you want to save" dialog hides it
- fix for reversed mousewheel.
- fix crash when closing piano roll window.
- VST3 support (currently limited support, normal VST behave better and should be used when available)
- Popupmenus that overlap now behaves better.

This is a Native OS X version of FL Studio 12. It is not a Windows application in disguise.


1. OSX 10.7 or later
2. You must be admin user to install and run

Notable things that DO NOT WORK yet:

Drag-drop from browser.
Plugins not on the working list.
how to authorize it, you will find in the link below! you need the latest R2R ****** for it. Studio 12 Native OS X ALPHA 0.7f
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensiv