Cihaz temiz durumdadır ve 256 MB Memory Card yanında verilecektir. Hem vokal hem de enstrüman kaydında kullanılabilir. Gitar için efekt ve amfi simulasyonları cihazda mevcuttur. USB ile bilgisayara bağlanabilir. 500 TL istiyoruz.

The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack.
Capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are.
The new Fostex MR-8 is more than just another digital multitrack recorder. It’s the world's first such 8-track device to use CompactFlash® memory cards.

But those clever guys at Fostex, have predictably gone a little further by making the MR-8 the easiest to use digital multitrack ever. If you can operate a tape recorder, you’ll be recording and multitracking within minutes of opening the box.

By putting all the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, the MR-8, unlike some other recorders, actually aids you in capturing your musical ideas.
In addition there’s great sounding built-in digital effects, guitar amp and mic simulators, handy mix-down effects, plus the ability to hook up to a PC for data editing, CD-burning and backing up your songs.
You create. Fostex records.

Recording time
Recording time in NORMAL MODE (16bit/44.1kHz) is approx. 25 track-minutes on the supplied 128MB CF card and 50 track-minutes on a 256MB card. EXTENDED MODE (16bit/22.05kHz) doubles the recording time. Note that recording time varies depending on recorded source, punch in/out, undo/redo status, etc.
In Detail

The world’s first 8-track recording to CompactFlash® memory card. Ultra-portable - the ultimate record anywhere multitracker.
Ultra-high quality sound - up to 16-bit resolution at 44.1 kHz without quality-sapping compression
2 track simultaneous recording
Up to approx. 50 track minutes with 128MB card using extended mode (approx. 25 track mins using normal mode)
Intuitive operation. - Just like an analogue tape deck with all the essential functions controlled by real knobs, buttons and faders
Fantastic in-built digital effects including reverbs, delays, guitar amp simulations and microphone simulations
Plug a guitar right in - awesome distortion available
Unique Mastering effects make mix-down a snap
Digital stereo S/PDIF via optical out for connection to other digital gear (normal mode)
Built-in USB port for WAV file data transfer between MR-8 and Mac or Windows PC for data editing, CD burning (normal mode) and backup. For Windows 98SE a third party Compact Flash™ reader/writer unit is requried for data transfer.
AC or Battery operation
Built-in microphone for quick memo recording
Twin headphones outs